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Representative List of Project Experience

Hart Business Park

          New Site
82 Acres

Hart Business Park is a new (2009) commercial subdivision located in west Santa Fe near the municipal airport. The project includes street, water, sanitary sewer, storm drains, runoff detention basins, power, street lighting, natural gas, communications and street landscaping improvements. It was designed and built in accordance with standards established by the City of Santa Fe and the Sangre de Cristo Water utility.

FedEx Ground Facility West Santa Fe
          New Site
$420,000 (Site)
8 Acres

Site grading; paved roadway, parking and docking facilities; water, sanitary sewer and natural gas services for a 31,200 sf building and package handling facility located in Santa Fe at the new Hart Business Park. The 2009 project includes three storm runoff detention basins and drainage channel improvements. A public water main and utility easement were designed to run through the project site in accordance with Sangre de Cristo Water utility standards.

Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino
          New Site
$5.2M (Site)
40 Acres

A new (2008) resort and casino project for the Pueblo of Pojoaque. Site grading; paved roadways, parking lots and truck docking facilities; water and sanitary sewer services for a 662,000 square foot resort, hotel and casino complex. Paved parking facilities to accommodate approximately 1,500 vehicles. Other prominent features at the site include a 200-foot diameter vehicle roundabout and site drainage improvements to manage approximately 230 cfs of peak flow storm runoff. Drainage from the 40+ acre development is directed to an on-site man-made lake to supplement irrigation water for the 27-hole golf course.

Valle del Sol Master Plan
540 Acres

Master Planning and preliminary engineering design for 540 acres of land immediately south of the Albuquerque Sunport, straddling both sides of the Tijeras Arroyo and both sides of University Blvd. Planning includes a multitude of features for grading, streets, trails, storm drains, channels, detention basins, water, sanitary sewer, power, natural gas and landscaping improvements. Significant elements of the project include re-routing of nearly a mile of 115 kV and 345 kV overhead power lines and 42-inch to 54-inch diameter sanitary sewer collector line; stabilization of more than 1.4 miles of the Tijeras Arroyo with a design capacity estimated at nearly 48,000 cfs. The planning area will include development of approximately 97 acres of single family and 23 acres of multi-family dwellings, 37 acres of commercial, 125 acres of industrial and 70 acres of parks and open space.

Los Lunas H.S. Football Field
2.3 Acres

2007 replacement of an existing grass football field with artificial turf and under-drain system. The project also included installation of resilient surfacing in the field event areas behind each goal post. A storm runoff detention basin was designed to collect runoff from the field under-drains and adjacent surfaces.

EXPO NM MOU Water System
160 Acres

This is a on-going, phased project affecting most of the water service area within the EXPO New Mexico State Fairgrounds and includes the construction of three large water meter vaults with backflow prevention, installation of more than 7,600 feet of new and replacement water lines ranging from 6-inch to 14-inch diameter, plus construction of several dozen new water services for existing buildings and other facilities. The improvements provided much needed water system upgrades within the fairgrounds and allowed for the separation of public and private water lines at the property boundaries. As-built drawings of the water improvements will be provided to facilitate future operations.

Saint John's Courtyard Drainage
$30,000 (Site)
1 Acre

Saint John’s Cathedral is a well established church located in downtown Albuquerque at 3rd Street and Silver Avenue. The building surrounds a two-level courtyard, one at street grade and the other approximately eleven feet lower. Runoff from adjacent roofs and portions of the upper courtyard drain into the lower courtyard and in the past caused flooding in the building's lower level. The 2007 project included design of a new buried gravity flow drainage collection system in the upper courtyard and new storm water lift station in the lower courtyard to convey storm runoff from both levels of the courtyard out to Silver Avenue.

Pojoaque Public Works Access Rd
          New Site
1.5 Acres

This 2006 project required design of a 1,320-foot long paved, two lane roadway leading from the US Hwy 285/84 east frontage road to the new Pueblo of Pojoaque Tribal Public Works Building. The road section has two 12-foot wide lanes with gravel shoulders on both sides. The pavement section is 4-inches of asphalt concrete on 6-inches of aggregate base over an 8-inch thick blended subgrade. Lane striping and roadway signage were also provided.

Llano E.S. Parking and Bus Lane
1.7 Acres

New classroom construction at Llano Elementary School in Lovington, NM eliminated existing staff parking. Vacant land across the street from the school was used to develop a new (2007) 114-space paved parking lot with striping, lighting and fencing. The street in front of the school was modified to serve as a new bus lane for student pick-up and drop off. Because of the naturally flat terrain, tolerances for grading and drainage were kept very tight.

Santa Fe Community College TATC
          New Site
$350,000 (Site)
3 Acres

The Santa Fe Community College Trades and Advanced Technology Center will provide a learning program focused on basic construction trades and advanced trades in solar thermal, photovoltaic, energy monitoring, water resources and wastewater technologies. The project is seeking at least a LEED Silver certification. The 36,400 square foot building will be located immediately south of the existing Fine Arts Building. Site features include grading, paved and gravel parking areas, storm detention basins, culverts, buried storm drains, relocation of a 10-inch water main, water, sewer and natural gas services. Storm runoff from portions of the roof will be collected in a buried storage tank and used for flushing in the restrooms. Design was completed in 2009.

UNM Castetter Hall
$150,000 (Site)
0.5 Acres

Castetter Hall houses most of the biology laboratories and related classrooms at UNM. Recent additions/remodels (2007 and 2008) include the Lower Level Renovation, addition of a new Mechanical Room at the west side first level and a new two-story, 13,000 sf South Addition, Phase I. Site improvements involved grading, modifications to the existing parking lot, sidewalks and realignment of the sanitary sewer main plus construction of four new manholes. An existing 10-foot deep utility tunnel that parallels the west edge of the building created some interesting challenges for redesign of the sanitary sewer main and sewer service lines which needed to cross under the tunnel.

Beehive Homes Assisted Living
          New Site
$50,000 (Site)
0.6 Acres

Phase I (2005) of a two phase project provided a 7,000 sf building with assisted living facilities. The project included grading, paved parking, sidewalks, drainage channelization, water, sewer and natural gas services.

4th Street Corridor Improvements
$4.0M (Site)
10 Acres

This 2005 project located within the Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque included a total of approximately 4,000 feet of street, drainage, utility and landscape improvements on 4th Street and adjacent portions of Osuna Road. The project involved relocation of power transmission lines, realignment and widening of both 4th Street and Osuna Road, signal upgrades at the 4th Street and Osuna intersection, property acquisitions, new pavement and left turn lanes/medians, concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk, storm drains, a buried storm runoff detention system, water mains, sanitary sewer line modifications, irrigation and streetscape improvements.

Special Assessment District 222
27 Acres

SAD 222 was developed on Albuquerque's West Side south of Central Avenue and east of 98th Street. The 2002 project required widening of 98th Street from a rural two-lane road to a modern 4-lane divided arterial street with curb, gutter, sidewalk, street lighting and street landscaping from Central Avenue to south of Sage Avenue. Similar improvements were made on Tower Road from just west of 98th Street to 82nd Street and on 86th Street from north of Eucariz to south of San Ygnacio. A major storm drain system was installed on 98th Street and on Tower Road that included reinforced concrete pipe diameters up to 96 inches on Tower Road. Runoff was delivered into the combined AMAFCA detention and City recreational facility constructed at the SE corner of Tower Road and 86th Street. The project also included signalized intersections at Tower/98th Street and at Sage/98th Street. A Total of approximately 2.6 miles of major roadway improvements were constructed with the project.

Socorro Wastewater Treatment Plant
2.5 Acres

This 1994 major renovation of the Socorro Wastewater Treatment Facility included the construction of new headworks and barscreen, three new Sequencing Batch Reactors with fine bubble diffuser aeration, new chlorine contact tank with 1-ton chlorine cylinder handling facilities, dual belt filter presses, renovated clarifiers and a retrofited aerobic sludge digester. A new Administration and Maintenance Building was constructed that included state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems. Off-site improvements included renovation and new construction of two sanitary sewer lift stations and construction of new sanitary sewer force main along 2nd Street.

US 380 West of Carizozo
390 Acres

The US 380 project west out of Carizozo was designed and constructed in phases during the late 80's and early 90's, characterized by roadway widening with the addition of paved shoulders in the existing right-of-way in some areas and completely new horizontal and vertical alignments in other areas. A battery of new, large diameter culverts was constructed and the road profile was raised approximately twelve feet in one area that previously had only a low water crossing through a very wide arroyo draining an upland area of tens of square miles. A completely new alignment was constructed through the pass at Red Hill to reduce grades, lengthen horizontal curves and provide a passing lane for slower vehicles. A new Rest Stop was constructed and numerous turn-outs were provided for property access along the twenty-plus miles of roadway improvements.

Paseo del Norte Blvd., 2nd to I-25
          New Site
6.5 Acres

Design of this 1986 project was for the eastern portion of Paseo del Norte Boulevard between Interstate 25 on the east and an at-grade intersection with 2nd Street on the west. It included approximately 2.2 miles of 6-lane, limited access arterial, north and south frontage roads, a bridge crossing over the AMAFCA North Diversion Channel, a bridge over Edith Boulevard and a Bridge over the BNSF railway tracks. Signalized intersections were provided at the I-25 frontage roads, Jefferson Street and 2nd Street. The project also included significant additions and modifications to water, sanitary and storm drain facilities. The at-grade intersection design at 2nd Street took into consideration additional right-of-way that would be needed for an urban interchange, which was designed by others and built in a separate project several years later.

North Valley SAS Vacuum System
          New Site
0.5 Acres

One of the three original vacuum sewer stations constructed in Albuquerque, this facility and related vacuum lines serve both residential and commercial segments of Albuquerque's North Valley north of Paseo del Norte Boulevard along Guadalupe Trail and 4th Street. Due to a high water table and flat terrain throughout the north valley, the city sought an alternative to standard gravity systems and maintenance problems that are generally associated with conventional sewer lift stations. The vacuum system allowed for shallow line construction and has prove to be a reliable and cost effective alternative. Numerous other vacuum systems have been constructed in the north and south valley areas since this 1993 project.

Irving & Universe Blvd. Extensions
          New Site
6.5 Acres

In 2003 the far northwest area of Albuquerque and much of Rio Rancho was growing rapidly. The Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute (now known as Central New Mexico Community College) recognized the need to expand their educational facilities to serve this area. A site was selected near the extended alignments of McMahon Blvd and Universe Blvd. Access to the site was provided with a 1,400-foot extension of Irving Blvd to the west and 2,000-foot northern extension of Universe Blvd. Only the south and west sides of these roads were constructed at the time. A new 30-foot wide by 200-foot long multi-plate arch culvert was constructed under Universe Boulevard at the North Calabacillas Arroyo. Storm drains were constructed in Universe with discharge to the downstream end of the multi-plate arch culvert. New sanitary sewer, water and gas mains were also extended with this project to the new campus facilities.

Tramway & Copper Ave. Channel
          New Site
12 Acres

This project was constructed in the last half of the 1970's by the City of Albuquerque in conjunction with major land developments and roadway improvements along Tramway Blvd. The trapezoidal, concrete-lined Copper Avenue and Tramway Boulevard Channels intercept runoff from large areas of developed and undeveloped land to the east and convey it southward along Tramway Boulevard, discharging into the Tijeras Arroyo south of Central Avenue. Other significant features of the project included five, specially designed trapezoidal concrete culverts at street crossings over the two channels, a 950' long, 12'x12' rectangular concrete box culvert under Interstate-40 and Central Avenue and a large concrete energy dissipater at the south end of the channel just upstream of the Tijeras Arroyo. The total length of the the combined channel and box culvert construction was approximately 10,000 feet.


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