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Owner:                                                                      Pueblo of Pojoaque

Client:                                                                        Thalden Boyd Architects

Contractor:                                                              Balfour Beatty Construction

Location:                                                                  Pojoaque, NM

Year Constructed:                                                 2007

Estimated Construction Cost (Civil):                $5,650,000

Project Description:

Buffalo Thunder Resort Casino is one of the largest buildings in northern New Mexico, housing nearly 662,000 square feet of occupied space. The new building, delivery/docking facilities, outdoor swimming pool, courtyard and vehicle parking lots spreads out over 43 acres. Paved parking will be provided for 1,460 automobiles, 40 RV’s and 6 commercial buses. Nearly 2900 feet of paved roadway and a 200-foot diameter roundabout were constructed to provide vehicle access through the site. Storm runoff is routed through a series of detention basins, riprap lined channels and storm drain pipes. Most of the runoff is directed to an on-site effluent lake at the west edge of the property for reuse as irrigation water at the 27-hole golf course. Nearly 1225 feet of new on-site six and eight-inch diameter sewer pipe together with related manholes and cleanouts connect the building sewerage to the main sewer collection and treatment system.








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